90 Day Mindset & Muscle Transformation

What if I told you you could get toned, have abundant energy, love what you see in the mirror, AND do it all in 15 minutes a day at home?

That’s exactly what happens in this online small group training program.

Registration is currently closed but…

We blast off again on January 1st, 2019!

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How it works:

BONUS ALERT: Sign up by December 23rd & get a FREE 30 Minute 1-1 coaching session!

Within 48 hours of registering, you’ll be added to a secret facebook group. Your first challenge is already posted!

From January 1st through March 31st, you’ll get group coaching delivered directly from me!  

Content is delivered via SECRET Facebook Group. This means no one outside the group can see what we post.

You’ll have access to the group forever, although it will be archived on March 1st. All this means is we are not able to comment on posts but you can still see all the material!

Daily challenge post delivered Monday through Friday by 5AM CST via SECRET Facebook Group. We take weekends off or use them to catch up. #selfcare

I’ll be active in the group with you for our M-F Daily Challenges! Expect surprises!

All challenges can be done in 15 minutes or less and are a blend of workouts for your body and your brain!

90 Day Guidebook & Calendar – a printable guide to track your fitness in the SMARTEST and SAFEST way possible

Exclusive Access to my 40+ Exercise Video Library – 60 second tutorials! 

Three Fitness Performance Tests to track your results (can be done in private)

Access to your incredible ACCOUNTABILITY teammates!

Mindset Monday – you’ll be given a new mindset tool bright and early monday morning to use through the week (That’s 12 Mindset tools total!)

Workout Wednesday – EXCLUSIVE, follow along, do at home workout posted every Weds. You’ll get lifetime access to this exclusive playlist. Workouts will be tailored to OUR group.

Trainer Tips Tuesday: live Q & A support where I’ll be answering your questions! (you’ll be invited to post questions in advance) This is my favorite part of the program!

THEME thursday – At the beginning of the challenge, I’ll gather info on YOUR goals and base our Thursday challenge assignments off this info! Yay! Tailored to you!

FITNESS CAN BE FUN FRIDAY! We’ll finish every week with an alternative way to get fit – something that will make you smile!

Two surprise BONUSES ! 

Most of all, our group will be your place for HOPE, FUN & INCLUSION as you embark on your 2019 TRANSFORMATION! 

For $597 – you’ll get THREE months of coaching, but more importantly you’ll gain the mindset to master consistency and develop healthy habits for LIFE! Not to mention…👇🏾

💥The JOY of loving what you see in the mirror.


💥The peace that comes with taking care of yourself consistently.


💥The rockin’ energy that comes from working out! (Even if you hate working out!)


💥The type of self love that changes your relationships, behaviors and lifestyle!

💥More muscle tone from head to toe!


Still not sure? I get it; we need to get to know each other. Let me tell you a quick story…although it makes me a little nervous to share this part of my past:


To anyone and everyone who has had the pleasure, or is thinking of crossing paths with Katie: Hang on for the ride! Your “new you” will not be disappointed, and it’s never too late to jump on this enlightening journey of “a better YOU”.  She makes it enjoyable, and keeps it light. No judging, no guilting; just self-acceptance, and you pick and choose the time of day you want to slip in a few minutes of exercise; or when it fits into your busy world. Since I’ve started Katie’s challenges, I’ve benefited with a boost in energy, positive moral, better spirits, upgraded nutrition, motivation, consistency, mindfulness, ease of movement, strength, flexibility, stamina, less pain, and more living. This is not an ad for weight loss by the way, but that does naturally occur when all of the things above start happening.

Julie McCoy Scurek

90 Day Mindset & Muscle Makeover Program Winter Edition 💥DOORS CLOSE 12/31/2018💥

Register by 12/23 and get a FREE 30 minute 1-1 coaching session!

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