Are you all set up to conquer holiday weight gain? Is holiday weight gain a concern this time of year? Did you know that the next eight weeks are a time when most people gain 1 to 5 pounds? Holiday weight gain is most definitely on my mind. Full disclosure: I LOVE COOKIES! Before I go off the rails talking about my mom’s holiday Peanut Butter Logs, I’ve gotta tell you about how one of my beloved clients set a bold goal this week. Wow, did it inspire me! She committed to losing 10 pounds by January 1, 2018! How’s that for arriving in the New Year? What I love most about this client is that her goal comes from her connection to wanting to ‘feel good in clothes’ and she estimated it’s about ten pounds to get to that feeling. While numbers are valuable, recognizing the impact of how you feel on a daily basis is the most important part of this whole fitness thing.

So my conversation with my client got me thinking about strategies for having the best holiday season ever, without feeling deprived of treats!

Here’s what I tried during the Halloween candy abundance and I hope these tricks will help you manage the treats AND enjoy yourself!

1 – ENJOY what you eat!

Savor that candy like it’s the last piece of candy on earth. I mean really, really take your time. Look at it. Enjoy it visually. Smell it before you eat it. Then, when you finally decide to put it in your mouth take your sweet time chewing it. Make that candy last for as long as you can! Remember this is the last piece of candy on earth!


2 – Slowwwwww down.

Slow down…yup…more than that. Yes, this goes with number one but it applies to any holiday treats that are put in front of you. Take your time chewing, after all, chewing is the starting point to digestion. Did you know your saliva begins the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats him through enzymes called amylase and lingual lipase? So that’s cool. Keep chewing.

3 –  Keep a food journal.

I don’t recommend everyone keep a food diary, as it can make some of us are totally crazy! So skip this one if your instinct is in repel mode! I’ve read more than once that keeping the wrappers of things that you’ve eaten can help you monitor how much your eating. It’s like your evidence file! This one makes the most sense when you’re out at a party where there’s candy everywhere. Stick those little wrappers in your pocket and you’ll definitely have a better grasp on how little things add up.

4 – Pick Your Favs!
This is my favorite one! Take a three minute time out and think about the holidays ahead. Halloween just happened and I bet there’s still a stock of candy in the house! Thanksgiving is coming up, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…there’s so much ahead of us! Make a mini list of the top five things that you are looking forward to the season. Are you a cookie monster like me? Is champagne on New Year’s Eve your fav? My list of favorites includes…you know it my mom’s Peanut Butter Logs. When you’re placed in a situation with temptation in front of you, you can go back to your exclusive favorites list. Is it on that list? If not, skip it. That treat is not invited to your favorites party.

5 – Visualize your most WONDROUS, HAPPY, ENERGETIC and POWERFUL you on January 1!

It’s 58 days away. Think about waking up on New Year’s Day. OK fine maybe January 2nd is a better choice! Either way, start to think about how you’re going to feel that day. What clothes will you wear? How do you fit into those clothes? What will your energy be like? What activities are you going to be participating in? What will your energy be like?

BONUS! BONUS! 6 – Enlist support.

The clients who enlist support, have the most success. Facts are facts! My clients have shared that even a quick chat about nutrition, activity, hydration, stress and sleep at each session helps keep them on track. If you want in on my holiday edition Facebook challenge groups – clickity click here! —->