Once in a while, something like the idea of DUMB goals comes along to shake up how I’ve been thinking! As a personal trainer, it’s my obsession to seek out information on the brain, how to be a high achiever, get results, follow through and change behaviors. I feel like I can teach anyone exercises; it’s the creation of new habits and sticking to them that excites me and gets the most results.

Coaching behavior change is my skill of focus for 2018. Some of my favorite thought leaders on behavior change are Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Brené Brown, Jim Fortin, Jim Kwik and James Wedmore. Naturally, I am devouring everything I can by this crew. In a course I’m taking with Brendon Burchard (The Achievement Accelerator) he talks about D.U.M.B. goals and it struck a chord in my soul!

First, here’s a quick summary of what D.U.M.B. goals are:

D – Dream-driven.  Be done thinking small – what’s the GIANT dream you have?

U – Uplifting. When you say your goal out loud, does it light you up? Make you beam? If not, go back to D. ⤴️

M – Method-friendly. Is it possible to build a system or practice towards it? For example, instead of saying you want to do yoga, maybe your DREAM is to do a handstand. You can build a method and steps that lead you to that. Doing yoga becomes your method.

B – Behavior triggered. Set up daily triggers that remind you of your goal. If a handstand is your goal, keep a practice space set up in your home that you have to walk past every day. Set an alert on your phone for a daily handstand skill practice time. Before you watch a Netflix show, practice for five minutes. That last one will be fun when you’re on a Netflix binge!

As I look through my clients list and think about the many ways they excel, something became crystal clear. The ones that are sticking to plan and making gains have huge, dream-driven goals. Let me tell you about Julie and her epic trip to Peru in this video:

I invite you to take a 15 minute time-out today and set some DUMB goals. It’s time we all dream bigger and get excited about our lives! Not only will it help you live your best life, it will keep you committed to habits like never before!

What do you think? I’d love to hear it in a comment!


P.S. Here’s Julie in Peru! She’s a member of my 90 Day Challenge group!