Hello friend! I’m Katie.

You’ve got tons of strength in you.

Let’s unleash it by mastering consistency once and for all!

Hello friend! I’m Katie.

You’ve got tons of strength in you.

Let’s unleash it by mastering consistency for good!

I help high-achieving women master workout consistency with fun, 15 minute home workouts!

If building a workout habit hasn’t worked for you in the past, I get it. All the conflicting fitness information makes it super overwhelming! Plus, making it to the gym doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why I’ve developed step-by-step, small group online coaching programs. Pop open your device, complete the 15 minute program and get on with LIVING your amazing life! 

Join the team for results that BOOST your whole life! My clients are unlocking their dreams:

muscle tone

overall happiness

healthy relationships

self love

athletic ability

better sleep

vibrant love life

energy for hobbies

increased productivity

ability to focus

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