Awesome Arms – 4 Week Virtual Challenge




   If you’re a busy woman,  who’s interested in developing upper body muscle and endurance, the 4 Week Awesome Arms Challenge is for you! This is the most fun challenge ever thanks to upbeat, doable and energizing workouts. Since each workout is 5-30 minutes of strength training, it’s a game-changing challenge. Our emphasis on habit building will allow you to squeeze in a great workout 3-5 times a week, which is one of the secrets to seeing a change in your body.


When you do the work, the progress you can make is incredible! We’ll spend 4 weeks together and have one follow up check in at 8 weeks for an extra dose of accountability.


That’s exactly what happens in this online group coaching program!

All you need to get started: A facebook account, dumbbells & internet access and willingness to grow! Optional equipment: a bar to hang from (even monkey bars at a park will work!)




EARLY BIRD BONUS! sign up by Sunday, April 12th to get Early Bird Pricing

P.S. This new 4-Week virtual challenge will only be at the introductory price of $97 this round! 



AWESOME ARMS - 4 Week Challenge: Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 24, 2024

Amount: $97.00

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Let the fun begin! Here’s what you’ll get:

Within 48 hours of registering, you’ll be added to our private facebook group.

From Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 24th, you’ll get group coaching delivered directly from me! Includes ACCOUNTABILITY check-ins, five days a week.

Content is delivered via PRIVATE Facebook Group. This means no one outside the group can see what we post.

You’ll have access to the group forever, although it will be archived on 5/29/2024. This means you can see the material but commenting is turned off.

Daily challenge post delivered Monday through Friday by 5AM CST via private Facebook Group. We take weekends off or use them to catch up. #selfcare

I’m active in the group with you for our M-F Daily Challenges! Expect surprises!

All challenges can be done in 5-30 minutes and are a blend of workouts for your body and your brain, with extra emphasis on our ARMS, GLORIOUS ARMS!

Monthly Calendar – a printable guide to track your fitness

Exclusive Access to my 40+ Exercise Video Library – 60 second tutorials! 

Fitness Performance Test to track your results (can be done in private)

Access to your incredible ACCOUNTABILITY teammates!

Mindset Monday – you’ll be given a new mindset tool bright and early Monday morning to use through the week (That’s 4 Mindset tools total!)

Trainer Tips Tuesday: live Q & A support where I’ll be answering your questions! (you’ll be invited to post questions in advance) This is my favorite part of the program!

Workout Wednesday – EXCLUSIVE, follow along, do at home workout posted every Weds. You’ll get lifetime access to this upper body focused workout playlist.

THEME Thursday – Our theme over the 4 weeks is AWESOME ARMS and features 4 brand new arm-shaping workout videos.

FUN FITNESS FRIDAY! We’ll finish every week with an alternative way to get fit – something that will make you smile!

Most of all, our group will be your place for HOPE, FUN & INCLUSION as you embark on your 2024 AWESOME ARMS transformation!


Got questions? I’ve got answers! Click HERE to set up a time to chat!

What will you experience in this 4-week program?

JOY when you look in the mirror…


Arms you feel proud of!


Energy so endless, you accomplish your entire to-do list regularly…


Trust in your body and the ability to say YES to adventure…


Defined muscles that make daily activities a cinch…



More time because your workout SYSTEM is provided for you and can be done from home in about 5-30 minutes/5 days a week!



The peace that comes with taking care of yourself consistently…


Diminished stress because you have a guided workout system and team you can access from anywhere, anytime…

A complete 4-Week plan to safely build strength, stability and endurance in your upper body…


The type of self love & self respect that changes your relationships, behaviors and lifestyle!


If yes, grab a spot FAST! We start MONDAY, April 29th, 2024



Still not sure? Let me tell you why this program exists and WORKS…although it makes me a little nervous to share this part of my past:


To anyone and everyone who has had the pleasure, or is thinking of crossing paths with Katie: Hang on for the ride! Your “new you” will not be disappointed, and it’s never too late to jump on this enlightening journey of “a better YOU”.  She makes it enjoyable, and keeps it light. No judging, no guilting; just self-acceptance, and you pick and choose the time of day you want to slip in a few minutes of exercise; or when it fits into your busy world. Since I’ve started Katie’s challenges, I’ve benefited with a boost in energy, positive moral, better spirits, upgraded nutrition, motivation, consistency, mindfulness, ease of movement, strength, flexibility, stamina, less pain, and more living. This is not an ad for weight loss by the way, but that does naturally occur when all of the things above start happening.

Julie McCoy Scurek

I am a yogi mama, a Milwaukee yoga instructor with a 2 year old daughter named Emeline. I have been active all of my life, traveling the world and playing softball, volleyball, running track and field, hiking and practicing judo and yoga. However, fitness itself and working out has always eluded me. In the midst of the pandemic I became desperate for movement other than walking, running and yoga. I was hesitant to join a virtual fitness challenge with Katie because I wasn’t sure if I would really commit to the work or benefit from it since we wouldn’t ever see each other in person and have that accountability. However, her online presence multiple times a day and group camaraderie have really helped me stay on track! I joined the 90 day challenge to make fitness a habit and to become stronger overall once again. Almost halfway through the challenge I already feel stronger and have not missed a day! And I actually look forward to the workouts! They are energizing, fueling me through the day and I feel less chronic back pain than I did before I began. I love Katie’s enthusiasm and the way she’s confident that we can benefit from just 15 minutes of fitness a day! Most importantly, she makes it fun! She laughs, cracks jokes, tells stories and genuinely enjoys what she does for a living. Her smile and laugh are infectious and put me at ease, even during the toughest of workouts! She has faith that we can succeed if we just put our mind to it, and we can with her help!

Misa Schillaci