After more than five years as a client of Katie’s, I genuinely look forward to each work out and new challenge she has for me. While her passion for fitness/wellness and technical knowledge is second to none, it is the way that Katie combines those attributes with an incredibly positive attitude and energy that makes her a pleasure to work with. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to her when I was and could not be happier with the personal improvement that I have experienced as a result. I would strongly recommend Katie to anyone willing to work towards improving their physical/mental well-being and have a great time in the process.

Justin Bushweiler

I needed to ensure I was continuing to keep challenging myself, and break through plateau’s.  As with anything in life, I wanted to continue to learn and grow, and Katie has helped me do this with my health and fitness goals. 

When a goal is set, Katie will continue to keep that goal, even when you want to give up.  She shares in the excitement of attaining those goals, which makes you want to keep challenging yourself on a daily basis. Working out with Katie has made me the strongest since I can remember!  This supports my continuous goals, including pull-ups and to run my first marathon!

Katie is very dedicated, supportive, and looks at the full picture of health and wellness.  Her approach is not just fitness, but to be a healthy in all aspects of your life. 

Sam LaNuez

My name is Lorie & I’m 62. Here is why having a Personal Trainer has improved my life!

The OLD me: Facing double knee replacement, injury to my left arm that seemed to never heal, seriously over the acceptable weight for my height ( just a medical fact!) Unable to rise with grace from any seat, and having an impossible time finding the will and courage to start a health-overhaul.

62 and depressed… the old me!

The NEW me: after just a few months working on my strength, flexibility, balance, and humor (all thanks to Katie!) my life has changed! Oh! I wish you could see me!

I’ve lost 18 pounds and am looking forward to that tread continuing! I am so strong! My balance is great and getting better! The pain that keep me a near invalid – well that’s changed too.  Katie, as my very professional trainer, never once let me hurt myself in this process. Poor old knees…but I can now walk my sweet Golden Retriever an hour at a pretty good pace. Sure, my body isn’t a fairy-tail ending with all issues forgotten, oh, but you should have this much fun!

But that’s not why I sending this into the world – to you, my fellow 60 year old pals! It’s because of the emotional and spiritual boost I experience now – happiness is the new normal.

If you are struggling with any of the “old me issues”, trust me, change is possible. If you think starting a personal trainer program will embarrass you, humiliate you, or make you feel bad….nope…won’t happen!

I feel so hopeful. I feel so connected to my body and proud of my progress. I love to exercise now and can’t believe how Katie helped me do this while we laughed each and every hour we worked together!

Dear 60 year old friends – GET A PERSONAL TRAINER! (You can try for Katie Hunt, but I’m keeping my hours!)

Lori Woodruff

When I decided to start personal training sessions it was a few months after trying to buckle down and get serious about my fitness plan.  I had my routine down, and had been getting into the gym nearly every day, but I found the workouts I designed were boring and stale.  Additionally, I had reincorporated running into my exercise plan, and I was struggling with that.  A friend who had been working with Katie for a few years suggested I try working with her to help get myself past my fitness hurdle.  

I’m so glad I took this advice, Katie’s positivity and enthusiasm have been just as instrumental in helping me meet my goals as the fitness plan she designed.  My first meeting with Katie involved filling out a short questionnaire about my fitness goals and challenges.  Not only have we addressed those each week, but she has also helped me set new goals for myself.  I’ve also had surgery on my knee and ankle a few years ago (opposite legs), and the exercises she has chosen always help build additional strength and compensation around those areas rather than avoiding them.  Katie’s encouragement and awesome communication style have been invaluable in shaping and improving my personal fitness.

I think that the number one reason to work with Katie is that the fitness plan she designs for you is engaging and truly unique to you.  This allows her to work with people of all levels and abilities and help them to achieve their goals.  Since I began working with Katie I feel better physically and mentally, look better, and sleep better.  I achieved my running goals painlessly and have been improving my mile times.  All of this combined as been allowing me to live a more active and vibrant lifestyle.

Jon G.

I took Personal Training because I am handicapped due to a fall on ice that left me partially paralyzed. You plan out each session and devise exercises that are aimed at my specific  physical disabilities.

I have worked with many outstanding therapists over the last 11 years and I have achieved better results working with you than anyone else. I am much stronger and better balanced than ever before, thanks to your training.

Lloyd D.

For the past five years I have been going to aqua fitness classes at the local YMCA. My goals were to lose weight and to increase my social interactions. Though my weight loss was minimal, I have benefitted from the social interactions. An unexpected benefit was an increase in my flexibility. However, in the back of my mind there were a few nagging thoughts. One thought was that I needed to add weight bearing exercises on a consistent basis since I am at an age where osteoporosis has become a worry. Another thought was that I needed to work to strengthen the tissues that support my problem knee and shoulder joints. However, working on the weight machines at the Y lacked appeal–I couldn’t find an exercise partner, and I found the activity dull and repetitive. 

Enter Katie with her monthly online challenges and suddenly strength training became fun. Katie’s encouraging words and tips on proper exercise form are engaging. I can work her daily activities into whatever time spot I have available each day. The workouts are short yet effectively work a variety of muscle groups and address mobility concerns. Her activities that support mindfulness help me take a step back and reflect on my goals and progress. And the bonus is, as a participant, I have the ability to communicate with Katie and other group members each day. Her followers have become my teammates who offer encouragement and support.

The best part in all of this is that I have started to notice the benefits. My clothes fit differently. I have notices a decrease in joint issues; my knee and shoulder joints are less problematic. I am gaining strength. My balance has improved. Who would have thought such things are possible in retirement?!

LouAnne Hunt (my momma!)

I have attended Katie’s “Boot Camp” for several years now. Katie is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She has an easy going, friendly personality yet makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! You will never get bored in her class as it changes regularly. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Katie will lead you every step of the way.

Bob Bukowski

To anyone and everyone who has had the pleasure, or is thinking of crossing paths with Katie: Hang on for the ride! Your “new you” will not be disappointed, and it’s never too late to jump on this enlightening journey of “a better YOU”.  She makes it enjoyable, and keeps it light. No judging, no guilting; just self-acceptance, and you pick and choose the time of day you want to slip in a few minutes of exercise; or when it fits into your busy world. Since I’ve started Katie’s challenges, I’ve benefited with a boost in energy, positive moral, better spirits, upgraded nutrition, motivation, consistency, mindfulness, ease of movement, strength, flexibility, stamina, less pain, and more living. This is not an ad for weight loss by the way, but that does naturally occur when all of the things above start happening. It also keeps the “cement fairy” away. (You know, that little bugger that visits at night, leaving your joints stiff and aching in the morning)???

I met Katie a few years back in a YMCA program that scheduled trainers to come to our corporate office and provide exercise classes. I had always made an effort through the years, to complete some type of exercising because I knew it was good for me and I wanted to look and feel my best. I didn’t always enjoy it, but I also did not want to be a pile of mush and hoped to see my 90’s. Katie’s methods clicked with me. I actually looked forward to her workouts. She always came with something new, kept it light and fun, taught us modifications as we came from all different levels of conditioning, and managed to make the time fly by. Her positive energy was enjoyed by all.  Ever discuss recipes while holding a plank? Try it!

A few years later, Katie moved on and my job changed to a home office. I no longer had the luxury of someone coming to me to provide guided classes. I was not motivated to exercise on my own and missed the camaraderie of group exercise. Then, the stars re-aligned. Katie started offering her personal training for on-line group classes. What could be more perfect? The fee was reasonable, the feedback from the group and Katie was great, the guidance was its standard awesomeness, and we got to listen to good music! By the way, you don’t need to be a wiz on the computer or Facebook, because Katie offers step by step instructions on how to see her videos and how to post your input, if you so choose.

Some of my challenges include lifting and holding grandbabies, being a full-time care-giver for an aging parent who uses a wheelchair, exercising a very big hairy Newfoundland, and keeping up with the tasks of a husband who farms. I require daily strength, flexibility, stamina and mindfulness to keep myself healthy so that I can continue to assist others who need me. Katie keeps me living my life to the fullest.

Julie McCoy Scurek