Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

These are a few of my favorite things!

My requirements for this list: must be durable, easy to use & make life better!

My favorite foam roller! Don’t waste time or money on the flimsy foam ones. An extra benefit of this one is you can pack stuff inside it for travel! My roller has lasted 8 years so far!

     Wanna change your body, you’re gonna want weights! I love the hex sides on these for more exercise variations!

This little tool goes with me everywhere! This little massage ball is great for the feet, forearms, upper back and glutes. I’ve got a whole video tutorial about it on YouTube!

The TRX is my favorite travel & home workout tool. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with it. This set includes the Door Anchor, which you’ll want!


Another versatile travel too, the superband is excellent for pull-up or chin-up assistance and hundreds of other exercises.

CBD oil is one of my go-to tools for anxiety, pain relief and sleep issues. After tons of research, this brand is my favorite – good taste, excellent quality and great humans behind the brand! Click image to grab some!


Epsom salt baths are one of my favorite hobbies! It’s also great for pain relief and soothing tired muscles. I love the light lavender scent of this one.

These CBD infused bath bombs are…well…the BOMB! Grab one of each kind!



I’ve tried every planner and always come back to this Passion Planner. I love the monthly assessments, plenty of room for notes and they’re compact! no fussy spiral binder.

Minibands! If we’ve met in person, I’ve probably given you one of these! I order them in bulk. I love, love, love them for booty exercises. This set includes four different levels of resistance.



It’s coffee without the anxious, jittery side-effects! And nope, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms. Super mental stimulator!

This protein powder is delicious and packed with superfoods. I mix it with eggs and a splash of hemp milk for the most delicious and hearty pancakes OF ALL TIME!


Do you love hot chocolate? What if you could have a delicious one with added immune support from Reishi extract? This is my fav – both kinds included in this pack are DEE-LISH!

Mix this creamer with your coffee or hot chocolate for an extra dose of protein and skin-supporting collagen. I love the creamy texture this adds to a hot drink!

You know those books you return to over and over again because each time you learn something new? This is mine! It’s all designing a FOCUSED, FULFILLING life.

If you have chronic pain of any type, buy this book! It’s easy to understand and includes the most effective pain relief techniques I know. I use this book at least 3x week to look something up!


Seaweed Snax? Yup. Why? Vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, and iodine, which helps with your thyroid function. I love the lime flavor.

Hands down my favorite high protein bars to have on hand! Peanut butter chocolate chip is my fav flavor!


Who doesn’t love a glow? This self tanner is super moisturizing and is a ‘3’ on the Think Dirty app, so you can worry less about harsh chemicals.

This water bottle keeps your water cold and the bottle doesn’t sweat! Hands down the coolest water bottle ever.

My #1 sock style! They wick sweat, hug your feet and stay put!

This stuff is magic for under your eyes! I love it for a midday refresh!

What if I told you you could build your strength base from home with a set of dumbbells and 15 minute workouts? This 3 module DIY course teaches you how! Perfect for the go-getter who’s short on time and invested in developing muscle! First 15 people to grab this course get it at a Founder rate: $50!!! Click image to grab it quick!

Want live coaching in a supportive online group? The next 90 Day Mindset & Muscle Transformation Challenge begins 4/1/2019! Click the image to read about results & find out if YOU qualify!